Our Team

Richard Gordimer, CPA | Founding Partner, of Counsel

 Christopher Terrigino, CPA | Shareholder

Herman V. Lazzara, CPA | Shareholder

James K. O’Connor, CPA | Shareholder

Jonathan E. Stein, CPA | Shareholder

Kevin R. Bass, CPA | Shareholder

Marc D. Sasser, CPA | Shareholder

Michael E. Helton, CPA | Shareholder

Sam A. Lazzara, CPA | Shareholder

Stephen G. Douglas, CPA | Shareholder

Rene J. Zarate, CPA, ABV | Consultant

C. Brett Cooper, CPA•ABV, ASA•BV/IA, BVAL, CRFAC | Consultant

Aaron T. Parke, CPA | Manager

David Bohnsack, CPA | Manager

Ada Berasaluce, CPA | Supervisor

Brooke Bauerle, CPA | Supervisor

Dennis Paleveda, CPA | Supervisor

Karl Swan | Supervisor

Kimberly Cardenas, CPA | Supervisor

Jillian McSpadden, CPA | Senior

Patrick Goodwin, CPA | Senior 

Justin Twigg, CPA | Senior

Madison Nauyokas, CPA | Senior

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