The Not-for-Profit industry has many unique needs, requiring a knowledgeable and skilled team to meet those needs. Rivero, Gordimer & Company is dedicated to continually developing our staff’s technical skills to provide the best service possible. Our history of service and community involvement combined with our background and experience allow Rivero, Gordimer & Company to provide the insight and expertise required for your organization’s success.

Because the not-for-profit industry has several branches and classifications, it can make it difficult for novice accountants to navigate the business. Thus, it’s critical that your not-for-profit work with CPAs who have experience and knowledge of this specific industry. Examples of not-for-profit groups we provide services for include:

  • National and Local Charities
  • Foundations
  • Professional Societies
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Schools and Educational Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Membership Organizations

Rivero, Gordimer & Company is proud to have been admitted as an exclusive member of the Nonprofit CPAs. Nonprofit CPAs is a nationwide affiliation of independently owned accounting firms committed to delivering exceptional financial and consulting services to nonprofit organizations. Certified Public Accountants who demonstrate expertise and focus in supporting nonprofit organizations are selected based on their superior service to the industry. Nonprofit CPAs members cooperatively build leading accounting practices in their individual markets by exchanging business development practices and technical knowledge to benefit more nonprofit clients effectively. To be accepted for membership, firms must demonstrate proficiency in the not-for-profit industry and a commitment to the field. Only one member firm is admitted in each metropolitan area.

Not-for-Profit Expertise

Our areas of expertise in working with Not-for-Profit organizations include:

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