The rent-to-own (RTO) industry, also known as rental-purchase, is composed of business owners who rent electronics, furniture, appliances, wheels and tires, jewelry and many other products (durable consumer property) to customers. The customer makes weekly or monthly payments on the rental contract with no obligation to make all the scheduled payments but may acquire the property if all the payments are made.

Rivero, Gordimer & Company, P.A. (RGCO) works with numerous franchisors, franchisees, and small- to larger-sized independents who represent hundreds of storefronts. We understand the RTO industry from start-up and financing to specific tax and accounting rules through succession and merger or sale transactions; including valuation.

Keeping up with the latest industry insights enables us to partner with our clients to advise on tax and accounting solutions, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions, and business consulting. We are proud to be an associate member of the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations (APRO), an approved vendor for The Rental Industry Buying Group (TRIB), and vendor member of the Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA).

After nearly 20 years of partnerships, RGCO truly specializes in this industry. Here’s what our clients have said:

“Beyond the number crunching, I have used RGCO to help structure my Estate and provide company valuations geared toward future planning.”

Larry Sutton
President, SPF Mgt Co. DBA RNR Tire Express

“Before them, I never knew where I stood regarding my tax liability. They provide expert and timely service so I can plan for my business.”

Sandi Frye
President, White Rose Enterprises, DBA Premier Rental Purchase

“As an independent, we didn’t know what our former CPA didn’t know about our industry. The transition was painless and has been less expensive than we thought.”

Chris Kale
Owner, CPL Group, DBA Rent King

“Rivero Gordimer has taken care of us for more than 15 years as our personal and business accountant. They have given us excellent service, advice and attention through mergers, acquisitions, tax planning and much more.”

Jamie Slatton
Owner, Bi-Rite Company, Buddy’s Home Furnishings

Video Testimonials

Larry and Adam Sutton | RNR Tire Express

Chris Kale | Rent King

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