Trucking & Transportation

The trucking & transportation industry is composed of logistic services of inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment, network design, inventory management, and many other support services. In 2016 trucking revenues in the United States totaled $676.2 billion.

Trucks deliver 80% of fuel to the nation’s airports, supply food and medical supplies, and deliver chlorine to purify water every 7-14 days. A halt in trucking services would within days stop just-in-time manufacturing, ground planes, and cut supplies of food and clean drinking water.

Rivero, Gordimer & Company understands the trucking & transportation industry from start-up and financing to specific tax and accounting rules; from succession and merger to sale transactions.

We offer strong tax advice and compliance as well as assurance and audit reporting for banks and investors.

Rivero, Gordimer & Company is a proud member of the Florida Trucking Association

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