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Tax services are a requirement for businesses and individuals every year. The planning, preparing, and submission of tax returns to the IRS can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding a dedicated tax manager or team of tax experts can make the tax filing process much easier.

Tax is a broad sector, so there are different tax services for specific industries and strategic objectives. The knowledge it takes to prepare your estate and trust taxes is much different than what is required to understand international tax. Make sure your tax manager has extensive experience before trusting them with your tax responsibilities.

If you’re looking for tax services in the Tampa area, then hire the team at Rivero, Gordimer & Company.

Rivero, Gordimer & Company has CPAs with decades of tax experience across a wide range of tax services and business sectors.

Rivero, Gordimer & Company offers the following tax services to our clients.

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