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Family Law

The Family Law stage has undergone some changes in recent years. Collaborative divorce is now available in Florida to name one major change. Regardless of the situation, the financial affairs surrounding the marital dissolution remain relatively unchanged. Financial issues surrounding the division of marital property, alimony, and child support remain to be decided in most dissolution proceedings.

Rivero, Gordimer & Company has experience in providing financial assistance to the situation and working with your family law attorney. No matter the structure of the proceedings, collaborative, cooperative, or litigation, our team members can provide the required financial analysis. We have experience providing the following:

  • Valuation – businesses, business interests, intangible asset
  • Valuation – bifurcation of personal and business goodwill
  • Valuation – stock derivatives (options, warrants, phantom stock agreements)
  • Valuation – notes and preferred stock agreements
  • Asset discovery and identification

Industries we provide family law services for:

Rivero, Gordimer & Company has the requisite industry experience to assist with litigation support in the family law arena for businesses in the following industries:

In addition, Rivero, Gordimer & Company has worked with companies operating as:

  • Not-for-profit Entities
  • Franchisees and Franchisors
  • Manufacturer’s Representatives

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