Recruiting and Hiring to Fit Your Firm’s Values and Culture

The accounting field is one that is always changing. Because of the constant evolution,  it is important that firms adapt their recruiting and hiring methods for hiring new staff straight out of college. The goal is to hire applicants from their respective educational institution and place them in high-level positions. The first step to attracting the “ideal candidate” is to evaluate what defines the ideal prospect based on the size and needs of your firm. At Rivero, Gordimer and Company, we put emphasis on our mission, vision, and values and believe it is important to find a candidate who is aligned with those principles. 

Teamwork Matters

At Rivero, Gordimer and Company we believe in a “one firm approach.”  This perspective focuses on having an open exchange of ideas across all levels of our organization. Each team member takes responsibility for their performance and collaborates with assisting others in their success. With this method we are able to achieve consistent sustainable success for our entire organization. When reviewing new talent, candidates’ past involvement with teams, clubs, or social organizations shows the ability to work successfully with others. At Rivero, Gordimer and Company, we pride ourselves on cultivating teamwork through different initiatives such as group volunteering, sporting events, and social events. 

People Matter

We encourage an inclusive environment that provides our team members with a wide range of resources. We believe staff works better having access to constant support and information necessary to foster continual learning and personal and professional prosperity. It is our belief that valuing opinions, demonstrating respect, and care leads to building trust within our organization, which is critical to sustaining our success. Culture is tremendously significant to both experienced candidates and prospective candidates. As a firm, it is crucial to clearly communicate and promote your culture when recruiting. As a candidate, it is important to ask questions and do your research on a firm’s values when interviewing. Finding the right fit can be challenging at first but, when found, the result can be a lasting mutually-beneficial relationship. 

Community Matters 

At Rivero, Gordimer and Company we believe that being involved in our community helps us grow both personally and professionally. For graduating candidates, be sure to include your volunteer, team, and group activities on your resumé. For experienced candidates, involvement in non-profit boards and professional associations is always a plus. We encourage our employees, from entry-level staff to shareholders, to get involved in ways they are most comfortable with and strive to leave a community impact both individually and collectively as a firm. 

Clients Matter

At Rivero, Gordimer and Company, our clients come first. We believe providing excellent client service is to the mutual benefit of our clients and our firm. Candidates who have recently graduated need to be able to transition seamlessly into a client-based mindset. The ability to communicate effectively, through diverse channels, is key. Our profession can be very detailed and easily confusing, making effective client communication vital to an individual’s success. 

Recruiting is hard and with multiple generations co-existing in today’s workforce, culture matters more than ever. Larry Sutton, CEO of RNR Tire Express, was quoted in Julie Ann Sullivan’s book Catalysts of Culture — How Visionary Leaders Activate the Employee Experience, saying “…just hire people who are smarter than you…[and then] shut up and listen.” In The EARN Method: Performing with Purpose, a book I highly recommend, Sherri Sutton and William Casale look at developing employee performance from the employee’s lens. Creating an environment where employees truly are the voice and vision for the future has allowed our firm to retain great talent; which, in turn, develops new talent. 

There is no perfect method for recruiting, just as there is not a universal method for training or motivating new hires. Change is inevitable, which is why adaptation is so important. When adjusting, mistakes are inescapable, but the most important thing to do is learn from them.

Our recruiting team at Rivero, Gordimer & Company uses the values outlined above when crafting job descriptions, recruiting, and making hiring decisions. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with candidates and continue to identify talent year-round. If you are interested in a position with Rivero, Gordimer & Company, please contact Brooke Bauerle Dawson at [email protected].

About the Author:

Brooke Bauerle Dawson joined Rivero, Gordimer & Company in 2014. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Dawson spent two years in forensic accounting and litigation support and has experience in both civil and criminal cases. Ms. Dawson also has experience in auditing governmental and not-for-profit organizations and specializes in Uniform Guidance and State of Florida Single Audit Acts.

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