Is Your Office Environment Hurting Employee Productivity? [Infographic]

Good employers are always looking for ways to improve productivity. From optimizing workflow logistics to hiring motivational consultants, the more efficient your company runs, the more successful it will become. Unfortunately, most companies are not operating at their max potential as estimates the average employee is only productive for roughly 34% of the time they are on the clock.

There are many factors that cause employees to underperform, and some are hiding in your office.

Do you have a sedentary environment?

The more physically active your employees are, the more productive they are. The American Psychological Association says that exercising can boost employee productivity by 15%.

The traditional office is one that encourages a sedentary lifestyle. It calls for sitting at a desk 8-9 hours straight, with little initiative to move from your cubical. However, more and more companies are starting to realize that an open and active office environment doesn’t just improve employee activity and productivity, but it also encourages creativity and socialization. All of which can lead to a better employer-employee relationship.

Do you encourage constructive feedback?

Communication walls can also hinder employee productivity and the growth of a company. To decrease the walls, it’s a good idea to offer communication platforms in your company for constructive feedback and anonymous suggestions.

By encouraging communication within your organization, your employees will feel empowered and like they have a voice. This will help generate ideas for improving workflows and also helps hold your managers and employees accountable.

There are many other dangers hiding in your office that can decrease productivity and employee satisfaction. The infographic below covers three important dangers that could be hiding in your office, and what you can do to circumvent these issues.

Image via Quill

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