By Jon Stein, CPA and Shareholder 

All consultants competing for Florida Department of Transportation contracts in the standard work types defined by Rule 14-75, F.A.C., must become technically prequalified with the Florida Department of Transportation in the applicable work types. Both primes and subconsultants performing services in any of the standard work types must be technically prequalified with Professional Services. Prequalification is not required for Professional Services Consultants performing non-standard professional services outside the standard work types. 

Prequalification Statuses are: 

Technically prequalified firms without an approved audit can pursue projects with fees less than $500,000. Note: a self-certification is not an audit. 

Technically prequalified firms with approved audited rates can pursue projects with fees of any dollar amount, including those of $500,000 or greater. 

See attached checklist for a list of required documents.