Efficient accounting plays a crucial role in the success of construction contractors, as it enables them to effectively manage financials, job costing, and project budgets. With the rise of technology, specialized accounting software has emerged to cater to the unique needs of the construction industry. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of the top accounting software options specifically tailored for construction contractors. These software solutions offer robust features such as job costing, project management, invoicing, and payroll processing, empowering contractors to streamline their financial operations and enhance overall project efficiency.


QuickBooks is a widely used accounting software that offers industry-specific versions, including QuickBooks Contractor. It provides features like job costing, progress invoicing, and payroll management, which are beneficial for construction contractors.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor (formerly known as Sage Master Builder) is designed specifically for construction contractors. It offers features such as job costing, estimating, project management, and payroll integration.

Viewpoint Vista

Viewpoint Vista is an integrated construction accounting and project management software. It provides comprehensive features for managing financials, job costing, billing, and project collaboration.


Although primarily known as a construction project management software, Procore also offers accounting functionality. It allows contractors to track costs, create budgets, manage invoices, and generate financial reports.

FOUNDATION Construction Accounting

FOUNDATION is a construction-specific accounting software that includes features like job costing, payroll processing, project management, and document management. It caters specifically to the needs of contractors and subcontractors.


CMiC is an enterprise-level construction management software that includes robust accounting capabilities. It provides tools for project financials, budgeting, cost control, and financial reporting.

Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier is a cloud-based construction accounting software suitable for small to mid-sized contractors. It offers features such as job costing, contract management, and payroll processing.


ComputerEase is a construction accounting and project management software that covers various aspects of construction financials, including job costing, payroll, accounts payable, and general ledger.

Dexter + Chaney Spectrum

Dexter + Chaney Spectrum is a cloud-based construction management software with accounting functionality. It provides features like job costing, document management, and project collaboration.

Penta Technologies

Penta Technologies offers an integrated software suite for construction accounting and project management. It includes features like job costing, financial management, and contract management.


Whether you’re a small contractor or a large construction firm, exploring these software options can help you choose the right tool to optimize your accounting processes and drive your business toward greater success.

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